The Extinct Christian?

By Clarence Campbell

Extinct: (no longer in existence: having died out or ceased to exist)

The topic is a serious one and needs careful evaluation, examining all the evidence to prove or disprove the statement. I am sure many will think that I am going too far to even approach such a thought, but can it be? I know there are millions of professed Christians in our world who would certainly and seriously proclaim the statement ridiculous! But in my contemplations I often wonder what Jesus thinks of what refers to itself as the church! If the Apostles Peter or Paul could see what terms itself the church, what would they utter? And again if the various Reformers could see what has become of the work they gave their lives for, what would they say? I dare to proclaim their statements would be in many cases and places, authentic Christianity has become extinct! The concept of what Christ gave his life for; the concept of humanity giving themselves without reserve to the Father has been lost for the great part!

Now I know God has a church and will always have one. But for the most part what defines itself as Christian is a farce by biblical analyses. Authentic Christianity demands complete compliance to Jesus’ teachings for all its adherents. The early church leaders would scoff at the superficiality that marks modern Christians. To think of the sacrifice given by many through out the history of the church as in comparison with today’s Christians “playing church” is heart breaking. Today many desire not the truth of God’s word but something that would ease their troubled conscience! Instead of “feed me truth” it is “dish me foolishness” and thus that is what they have became.

It is sad to witness the transformation of churches into places of business, they deal with souls as if dealing with tomatoes or some other commodity. It seems many are not interested in changing lives as much as staying prestigious in the community. How can any term spiritual success by large attendance, large offerings and large edifices? The lowly primitive church met in caves, barns, and in tree groves, the world considered them not worthy to live. Yet God was real to them, visiting them with his divine power and grace. True Spirituality is marked by results enacted by divine manifestations, and interventions of the Holy Spirit.

What we need today is a return to such “Christianity” it would do the soul good. I know God does have a people with such desires and ambitions, thank God for them! But if blinded and misguided individuals could only see the end of their way and turn from it before it is too late, it would be wonderful.

The greatest damage done to the work of Christ today is not radical Islam or any other “pagan” religion, it is compromised lukewarm, “Christianity”. This class of folks constitutes the majority of Christendom today. This must grieve God!

May the true Christian of this age continue to shine forth in this dark time! May God grant unto them to courage not to let down on any of the divine statues! May they never dilute the truth of God’s eternal word to appease a guilt ridden and complacent people. But may there ever be a simple and modest people who will love God with all their faculties and ability, always willing to do the will of God at the peril of their lives. With such a people I desire forever to be aligned with. And with such a people bring back into existence Christianity.