Tell Me the Truth Please!

By Clarence Campbell

It has been stated several times over the years; “the best friend you will ever have is someone who will tell you the truth,” and again, “the worst enemy you will ever have is some who will lie to you about your soul”. It is imperative that we have the truth told to us concerning the health of our eternity bound souls. We need to know exactly what it will take to make Heaven and avoid Hell. Anyone who will not be straightforward with us, but be disingenuous concerning these important spiritual matters, is a very bad companion to have around. So, “someone please tell me the truth”.


We have a lifetime to get prepared to meet God, which is the certain mercy of the Great Creator. But we need to have an unequivocal understanding of God’s truth! We cannot afford to play around with eternal things, for we will spend eternity somewhere. Heaven will be our everlasting habitation or Hell will be. We make the choice ourselves. But to make Heaven we must know the true way of getting there. The Bible tells us that there will be many ways express concerning how to get there, but all but one will lead you to Hell. There is only one way to God’s pure Heaven and that is through the truth.


Jesus stated that knowing the truth will make us free, nothing short of that will completely untie the Devil’s tentacles from our intentions of doing right. Jesus went even further in stating that those who really are going to worship must worship in truth. Oh, how we need to take worship more seriously! Many are in the same boat with worship as with their soul’s health. They treat both with levity, ending up with chaos in both areas.


May God help us to get down to business with him! Let us challenge ourselves to search for truth with all our hearts, for it is then and only then that God will reveal to us such.


There is a certain truth concerning all the important areas of our lives. We need to know it so we can be made free. There is a certain truth concerning entrance into the Kingdom of God, and a certain truth on what type of life we should be living for God. There are truths that deal with marriage and family life; training children in the truth is also one of those important truths that must be understood and kept. Truth of sanctification, that so many express with ambiguity and confusion, is one that needs to be made clear to have the freedom that God intended.


Some may even go to the extremity of expostulating Truth of its relevance to making heaven. For of most, it does not matter what you believe. However this should not cause us to lose our heightened awareness of the fact: without truth we will be lost! We must demand the trumpet have a certain sound, we must by all means require truth to be hurled forth from every pulpit. We must not settle for anything short of the Truth, whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.


In the end, in that Great Day of God’s Judgment, it will be Truth that will point its long finger in our face and condemn us or justify us. There will be no prominent member of the clergy, with all their celebrated titles of human wisdom, (who lead thousand astray with such foolishness) will judge us according to their “understanding”. It will be pure and simple truth. Let’s acquaint ourselves with God’s truth while we are on time’s side of eternity, before that dreadful day of His justice and wrath overtake us!

The Extinct Christian?

By Clarence Campbell

Extinct: (no longer in existence: having died out or ceased to exist)

The topic is a serious one and needs careful evaluation, examining all the evidence to prove or disprove the statement. I am sure many will think that I am going too far to even approach such a thought, but can it be? I know there are millions of professed Christians in our world who would certainly and seriously proclaim the statement ridiculous! But in my contemplations I often wonder what Jesus thinks of what refers to itself as the church! If the Apostles Peter or Paul could see what terms itself the church, what would they utter? And again if the various Reformers could see what has become of the work they gave their lives for, what would they say? I dare to proclaim their statements would be in many cases and places, authentic Christianity has become extinct! The concept of what Christ gave his life for; the concept of humanity giving themselves without reserve to the Father has been lost for the great part!

Now I know God has a church and will always have one. But for the most part what defines itself as Christian is a farce by biblical analyses. Authentic Christianity demands complete compliance to Jesus’ teachings for all its adherents. The early church leaders would scoff at the superficiality that marks modern Christians. To think of the sacrifice given by many through out the history of the church as in comparison with today’s Christians “playing church” is heart breaking. Today many desire not the truth of God’s word but something that would ease their troubled conscience! Instead of “feed me truth” it is “dish me foolishness” and thus that is what they have became.

It is sad to witness the transformation of churches into places of business, they deal with souls as if dealing with tomatoes or some other commodity. It seems many are not interested in changing lives as much as staying prestigious in the community. How can any term spiritual success by large attendance, large offerings and large edifices? The lowly primitive church met in caves, barns, and in tree groves, the world considered them not worthy to live. Yet God was real to them, visiting them with his divine power and grace. True Spirituality is marked by results enacted by divine manifestations, and interventions of the Holy Spirit.

What we need today is a return to such “Christianity” it would do the soul good. I know God does have a people with such desires and ambitions, thank God for them! But if blinded and misguided individuals could only see the end of their way and turn from it before it is too late, it would be wonderful.

The greatest damage done to the work of Christ today is not radical Islam or any other “pagan” religion, it is compromised lukewarm, “Christianity”. This class of folks constitutes the majority of Christendom today. This must grieve God!

May the true Christian of this age continue to shine forth in this dark time! May God grant unto them to courage not to let down on any of the divine statues! May they never dilute the truth of God’s eternal word to appease a guilt ridden and complacent people. But may there ever be a simple and modest people who will love God with all their faculties and ability, always willing to do the will of God at the peril of their lives. With such a people I desire forever to be aligned with. And with such a people bring back into existence Christianity.

What is on the Horizon

There is a special ability given to the Saints of the Most High God, and that ability is to be able to discern.  I realize that there are two types of Christians, one is concerned with the affairs of this life which blinds their spiritual perspective, and the other one is concern mostly with spiritual things.  The latter will be able to discern a few things about our present situation.  Too many people are so worldly or self absorbed that they cannot see very far spiritually!  But for the true child of God who is concerned about pleasing God they are able to discern the times.

We are in the age where the atmosphere is charge with fulfilling the desires of the flesh, most are just living for the moment, exploring way and means to further their sensual appetites.  Most in today’s society have insatiable fleshly desires and do not want any sort of a standard to reprove them for having such.  The sad thing is, this has entered the ranks “Christendom”.

We must have discernment!  We cannot allow ourselves to become intertwined with evil even in the least degree.  Our nation along with the most of the “civilized” world is adopting things that will certainly bring the judgment of God on them.  We are living in the midst of such but must keep ourselves spotless from this contamination.  It is so sad when saints cannot discern the evil around them enough to rid themselves of this pollutant.   We must keep our hearts and minds pure from such defilement or be damned with the rest of the evil world.

We cannot and must not support evil, nor support those who support evil, for this will also bring the judgment of God upon us.  To get to the state of mind that it does not mean much to us to see the wickedness of perverted relationships, (such as was that caused God to destroy Sodom), or the very idea of hands that shed innocent blood, this ought to make us sad and grieve us, and not be proponents of such in any area.  We must stand against such things deep in our souls, and not make excuses in leaning toward such worldly and sinful practices.

God is surely searching the hearts of humanity to see if he can find any who are troubled and burdened.  If he can find a people who are such, he will deliver them in the hour of his judgment upon the rest of the wicked world.  God knows who support such wickedness in religious, secular, or political arenas, but let it not be once named among the saints of the Most High God!

The question that needs to be presented to provoke the spiritual minded, “can God depend on me”?  Can he depend on us to hold the standard, not just in outward forms and designs, but in the integrity of our very fiber of humanity?  Too many are straining at gnats and swallowing camels!  God help us to go beyond superficial Christianity and move toward being rooted and grounded in holiness allowing God’s perfect will to be accomplished within us.