What is on the Horizon

There is a special ability given to the Saints of the Most High God, and that ability is to be able to discern.  I realize that there are two types of Christians, one is concerned with the affairs of this life which blinds their spiritual perspective, and the other one is concern mostly with spiritual things.  The latter will be able to discern a few things about our present situation.  Too many people are so worldly or self absorbed that they cannot see very far spiritually!  But for the true child of God who is concerned about pleasing God they are able to discern the times.

We are in the age where the atmosphere is charge with fulfilling the desires of the flesh, most are just living for the moment, exploring way and means to further their sensual appetites.  Most in today’s society have insatiable fleshly desires and do not want any sort of a standard to reprove them for having such.  The sad thing is, this has entered the ranks “Christendom”.

We must have discernment!  We cannot allow ourselves to become intertwined with evil even in the least degree.  Our nation along with the most of the “civilized” world is adopting things that will certainly bring the judgment of God on them.  We are living in the midst of such but must keep ourselves spotless from this contamination.  It is so sad when saints cannot discern the evil around them enough to rid themselves of this pollutant.   We must keep our hearts and minds pure from such defilement or be damned with the rest of the evil world.

We cannot and must not support evil, nor support those who support evil, for this will also bring the judgment of God upon us.  To get to the state of mind that it does not mean much to us to see the wickedness of perverted relationships, (such as was that caused God to destroy Sodom), or the very idea of hands that shed innocent blood, this ought to make us sad and grieve us, and not be proponents of such in any area.  We must stand against such things deep in our souls, and not make excuses in leaning toward such worldly and sinful practices.

God is surely searching the hearts of humanity to see if he can find any who are troubled and burdened.  If he can find a people who are such, he will deliver them in the hour of his judgment upon the rest of the wicked world.  God knows who support such wickedness in religious, secular, or political arenas, but let it not be once named among the saints of the Most High God!

The question that needs to be presented to provoke the spiritual minded, “can God depend on me”?  Can he depend on us to hold the standard, not just in outward forms and designs, but in the integrity of our very fiber of humanity?  Too many are straining at gnats and swallowing camels!  God help us to go beyond superficial Christianity and move toward being rooted and grounded in holiness allowing God’s perfect will to be accomplished within us.